(( Hey guys I’m leaving bye ))

Hey there, Forehead! *wink*

Hello, Klavier.

How are you?

I am sorry I haven’t seen you in a while. I have been…busy.

((creeping on kristoph’s page and being amused….very amused. Other apollo talks like a baller. <3))

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((okay, tumblr… just cut off the answers I give in the middle of a sentence.))

HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR HAIR LIKE THAT??? I didn't know they did hair gel that strong!!! :o

Typically, I start off with wet hair after a morning shower. It’s easy to pull back and maintain.
After combing it all back, I pull out a few strands for my s

Dear Mr. Justice,

...okayyy... maybe I should explain... I don't always do the best job of explaining things, and like, 60% of the time, it comes out wrong. You really are adorable, and Mr. Klavier's rockstar antics compliment your natural, easy to be around personality. Don't tell him this, but I like you better than Klav. I'm terribly sorry about the earlier post, my sincerest apologies about any distress or confusion it may have caused you. Goodbye,

Sincerely, Sera,
P.S. CONGRATZ! you have been one of the first to be visited by the new angellittlesis! anon. Angelbigsis! anon visited Machi first.

That clears up quite a bit, Ms.Sera and I thank you for the compliment.
I am sure Klavier won’t mind since for every one fan I have, he has twenty…including me…
Though now might not be the best time to bring it up…

I am honored to be your first message, angellittlesis anon.

Dear Mr. Justice,

I am a huge fan of you and Klavier. I seriously don't accept any other pairings out there. I hope you are doing well and are blessed with luck in the future!

Sincerley, Machi's guardian angel's little sister.
P.S. You're so cute when you blush... sorry

I am always glad to meet a fan.